Team work and inovation is providing us better progress. success flow. advance level. company grow.

Discover more about our company, team members and history and may be it can you who might be interested to be part of the our workflow. If you are considering to join us or work with us them feel free to get in touch.

Who We Are

We’re a passionate team of experts focused on developing young talents and providing supporting for entrepreneurial businesses. Our primary goal is to help as many young entrepreneurs as possible fulfill their dreams through our ‘Sole Trade Individual Development Scheme (STIDS)’.

Our domain name was founded and base on the creative ideas that complement experience and knowledge gained by our web developer and creator Tomas Smutny from his few years of active work.

Domain name or in simple way said website was established and registered as a valid domain name since year 2012. The name of this domain is composed of three separate words and origin of these words coming from English language. The word “UNIWEBSITE” conceals the specific name of the universal creation of web development otherwise said as web pages or web sites and other associated services, which together with the word “SOLUTION” designed to complement the importance of the quality and resolving value of your domain name.

The idea of the founder Tomas Smutny and the team for the domain was and still is the disclosure of personal or corporate presentation to the ultimate way for consumer and to the extent service to maintain the standard, quality and appearance of the site for reasonable price which is equal to the effort we are making for you on your behalf.

Begin of Our Company and History of Growing